Response to the Meriwether Co Tornado Disaster

On January 12, based on the combination of a radar-confirmed debris signature and ground-truth damage, a brief tornado touched down near Coleman Creek Circle just east of Highway 27/41 (Roosevelt Hwy) in northwest Meriwether County.

The Rotary Club of Meriwether Co volunteered time and resources to support disaster response efforts. Actions include: providing meals to First Responders, serving meals to the community, assisting with the Emergency Operations Center as a Volunteer, coordinating community donations, and collaborating with various State and community agencies to organize relief efforts.

The Wraparound Center in the Meriwether County School System continues to provide clothing, food, and supplies to students and families that were affected by the Tornado that tore through Meriwether County.

Partner Involvement
Meriwether Co Emergency Management

Tornado Track

Meriwether County EF-0 Tornado